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  •   I had a great experience. I bought a condo with a short timeline for closing and I was traveling internationally. I emailed and heard back quickly. I set up the inspection and Craig showed up on time and conducted a thorough inspection. His report was clear and easy to understand and separately out those defects that needed to be addressed and those that merely reflected changes to safety ordinances.

    thumb Chris H.

      Craig inspected our brand new home. He called attention to several issues. We were able to get a lot of things taken care of before closing. He is very detailed in  his report and provides a lot of explaining and pictures. He is also willing to explain things to you when you do not understand.  Worth every penny!

    thumb Beth K.

      My fiance and I are first time home buyers and we'r very nervous about the inspection going in. We found out that we were in good hands with Craig. He did a very thorough job and left us with detailed notes and images to work with. We feel that we have a good sense of our home now and are incredibly happy here.

    thumb Miranda B.
  •   Craig really was really knowledgable. He even assisted in helping book our termite inspector. He supplied a nifty breakdown on a Summary page. At the end of it all I was very pleased and he topped it all off after sitting down and going over everything in person with a vendor lists of people he has worked with and recommends. I would say if you are looking for a fast turn around on your inspection and you like thoroughness, then look no further than Craig!

    thumb Samar P.

      Craig came highly recommended by our realtor and I am so glad I called him for our home inspection. Craig is personable, thorough, efficient and very knowledgeable.  Scheduling with him was easy and when he showed up his personality is glowing and kind.

    After he went through the home for the inspection (year in inspection for new built home warranty) we went over the entirety of the report.  It could not been a easier or more enjoyable experience.  My parents are buying a new home soon and already plan to use his services.  

    Bottom line, Craig is super and has your absolute best interest at heart.  Call him to come and look at your home, I absolutely recommend his services! 🙂

    thumb Meghann H.

      My family and I moved from out of state to Texas. We could not attend the home inspection. Craig is as thorough and detail oriented as they come. He called me after the inspection, informed me of some concerns (minor) and we went over the report together. Both our realtors had agreed on Craig doing the inspection, that says a lot.
    If I were to buy another home, in the area, I would definitely call Craig for his expertise.
    Thanks again...

    thumb Dan G.
  •   Craig is great. He was able to turn my job around in 1 day.  He was super professional, and had in depth explanations for everything.  Being a handy man for years before working as an inspector gives him a lot of insight I think.  The house he inspected was built in the 60's, and knew a lot about older houses too.  Highly recommend!

    thumb Ernie A.

      Craig Boarini performed the inspection for our new home. He was thorough and professional. He happily went over the entire report and was happy to answer any questions I had. I appreciate his kindness and attention to detail. He also followed up weeks later to check on our satisfaction with his services. I would highly recommend to anyone needing an honest and thorough home inspector.

    thumb Kim D.

      Craig was great! He was responsive, flexible to meet at time that was convenient for us and very through. While he was in our home, he was friendly, open to all our questions and explained everything thoroughly yet simply. His report came back quickly and he was honest about the repairs that were most critical, those which he thought we should contract out and those which he said we could do ourselves. He even gave us helpful tips on how to do them!
    Overall, an excellent experience!

    thumb Chelsea C.
  •   I don't know what I can say about Craig that hasn't already been said in these reviews but I feel compelled to leave a glowing review.

    This is the second time Craig has inspected a property for me. Both times he has afar exceeded expectations.

    Previously I was buying a house built in the 80s. This time I'm buying one built in 2008. The differences in the home systems is pretty dramatic.

    I was present for the inspection (which didn't phase Craig in the slightest) and he took the time to explain anything I needed to know - including the fact that the furnace, a/c and water heater are in the attic. He took the time to explain the overflow systems for the a/c and the water heater (including where they drain outside of the house and what to watch for that might indicate problem).

    He also mentioned the furnance filter was filthy so I should have it checked by a professional ASAP to see if it needs cleaning.

    Buying a home can be an overwhelming process. Working with Craig is such a pleasant experience it really helped reduced my stress. I'd characterize the whole experience as feeling like getting reliable advice from a trusted friend.

    thumb Kendel J.

      We called Craig to do an inspection on a house in Rosedale.  We had a short option period and Craig was great - he was able to fit us in and get the inspection done on time.  Craig was very thorough and did a great job.  He explained everything and gave us lots of pictures and a summary of his findings.  He told us the positive things he found along with the negative and alerted us to a potential electrical issue.  Super friendly and explained everything in plain language for us.  Thanks, Craig!

    thumb Bruce E.

      There is no reason to use anyone else. My realtor recommended Craig and I am glad  he did. Craig's thorough inspections saved me from investing in a disaster and enabled me to make a better choice a few weeks later. Craig's encyclopaedic knowledge of home inspections also got me $2k in seller rebates.

    Craig is professional, engaging and a pleasure to work with. He will take the time to explain everything you might need to know about details you did not know existed. It helped a lot.

    thumb Reem M.
  •   I am a real estate professional and have known Craig for many years, he used to do contracting work for me and when he told me he was getting out of that business to be a home inspector it was a sad day. However, now that Craig is a home inspector I know I can refer my clients to him and 100% of the time he gives honest accurate advice. I have been very impressed with his inspections and how detailed they are.  On top of that, you don't want him to leave because he is such a nice person as well.

    thumb Mike M.

      Craig's experience, professionalism, knowledge and positive attitude are just a few of the characteristics that make him an excellent  inspector.  He is very thorough, takes his time, know's what he's looking for and know's how to explain his findings in a way that makes me feel empowered and not afraid or overwhelmed.  

    He was highly recommended by a reputable Realtor, and I have referred him to many buyers who have been equally impressed with his professionalism.

    Craig recently inspected a second home for me about 50 miles outside of Austin and I had the report later that night. It was very detailed, with photographs and explanations. He followed up the next day to make sure I understood the report and encouraged me to call with any questions or concerns.

    Craig is an honest inspector and a very genuine, likable guy!

    thumb W A.

      Craig inspected two homes for us within about one month.  We had a contract on the first home and after Craig's inspection decided to back out of it.   He is VERY detailed in his inspection and was able to give us a true picture of what we were getting into with that home.   (We were already on the fence....it was NOT  Craig's fault!!!)   We were so impressed with his first inspection, we knew exactly who to call when we found another home.  He takes a ton of pictures, answers a bazillion questions, and is a really nice guy.   Since we knew we wanted a fixer upper, we were thankful to get an inspection that is helping us organize our to do list.   Bottom line, you want an inspector that is going to check EVERYTHING, and enjoy doing it.  Call Third Coast.

    thumb D L.
  •   When it came time to have our home inspection, our realtor recommended Craig highly. As the other reviews here mention, he spent a significant amount of time just explaining things about our new home he thought we should be aware of. He didn't overwhelm us with information but told us what we needed to know and reassured us when something sounded like a bigger issue than it really was.

    A few months later our air conditioning broke down (right when the weather was getting hot...) and after going back and forth with the home warranty company, I gave Craig a call to see if he could help us in dealing with them. I called very late in the afternoon but he still picked up. He was great, talking me through the situation and, after deciding we had a legitimate case, volunteering to call and email the warranty folks on our behalf the very next morning. Through no fault of his own, our warranty company refused to honor our claim, but even through this process Craig helped support us.

    Thanks for all your work with us Craig, we really appreciate it!

    thumb Andrew O.

      I had a very short turn around for my inspection and Craig was able to squeeze us in on a Saturday due to a cancellation. He did a fantastic job - very thorough and detailed with tons of pictures. And while he doesn't do termite inspections, he partners with a great guy who does. He also spent a long time with us going over everything he'd inspected and helping us navigate what could be potential future issues, and what was minor or cosmetic. He also made sure to tell us some of his favorite things about the house, which was a nice bonus and made my clients feel super confident about their decision. I will use Third Coast again and again!

    thumb K S.

      I had limited time in which to have an inspection completed, and after a scheduling glitch with another company, I was in a real bind.  I called Craig at Third Coast Home Inspection, and he  was able to accommodate my need for an inspection on very short notice.  That in itself was a relief for me, but I was also very impressed by his friendly and professional demeanor.  I wasn't able to be present at the inspection, and Craig made up for that with his thorough report (complete with pictures) e-mailed to me the same day.  He made it very clear that he would answer any questions and even refer me to industry professionals in the future if needed.  A+ in my book.

    thumb Jeannie N.
  •   We ended up finding Craig through a referral from our real estate agent.  I reached out to him by phone on Memorial Day and he not only answered right away but also sent me documents to complete and took care of scheduling our inspection for the very next afternoon!  We had an appointment to view the property that evening and he returned in person to go over the inspection in person.  We were really impressed with his thorough inspection including a detailed report and the time he spent discussing each part of the report.  We were happy to hear all of the details he had made note of and the pictures that he included.  He was also very friendly and obviously knowledgeable and open to any questions of concerns we had.  Before we left the appointment he assured us that we could reach out anytime with any questions we came across.  We reached out by text and email with questions after the inspection and he answered immediately and made sure we understood and were taken care of.  We felt that we had someone we could trust and reach out to at any time.  We would definitely recommend Craig to anyone looking for a home inspection.  We were extremely impressed and happy to have met and worked with him!

    thumb Natasha R.

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